Our Aims

Our aims for children by the time they leave us are that they should:

  • be confident, happy and independent learners who look forward to learning new things and have a good understanding of what helps
  • be respectful and tolerant human beings who show openness towards other people and a resilience in overcoming barriers to success
  • have excellent skills in communicating, reading, writing, mathematics and ICT which will enable them to achieve at secondary school and in lifelong learning
  • know something of the wider world, its peoples, cultures and the major issues facing humanity, such as care of the environment
  • have had their thinking challenged by the ‘big ideas’ of spiritual and moral questions so that their capacity for generosity, empathy and kindness is enhanced
  • know how to keep themselves healthy and safe and know what to do if they encounter bullying of themselves or others
  • achieve personal goals and develop their own gifts and talents through the many areas of learning: the creative arts, sport, the outdoors, language, music, drama
  • look after their own local environment and show a growing understanding of their roles and responsibilities in our society and the world