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App advice


I have been given details of the ‘Dumbsmash’ App

An app called Dumbsmash which is a video messaging app where people can upload themselves singing over famous songs and then choose to share via whatsapp, facebook, instagram or via a text message.  It is not intended for children under 18 and you must be 13 years or older with parents permission to use it.  There is  also a questions and answers site about the app which talks about Dumbsmash 2. Dumbsmash 2 has nothing to do with the Dumbsmash app as it is a malware app that hides itself on phones and then pushes users to inappropriate websites.  As soon as it is set up, the icon deletes itself and runs it in the background without the users knowledge.  Please make your children aware of this app, as we will do in school.

We have been made aware of some concerns in relation to Roblox, an APP game for i-Pads, phones etc. It is being played by young children and is very popular, but we believe there is a significant issue with the chat facility in the game. Please be aware that there is a message facility on the game where adults (strangers) can message children. We would urge you to delete the app from your children’s devices and prevent them from accessing it online. Alternatively, please supervise the use of the game closely.