The first initiative that our school parliament have decided to become involved with is ‘SEND MY FRIEND TO SCHOOL’. This initiative aims to ensure that every child in the world gets a quality education.

The school parliament will lead an assembly to introduce the initiative to the rest of the school, showing videos of some of the poorest schools in the world and discussing the differences between our education and theirs. Following the assembly, class representatives will encourage their peers to make a jigsaw piece which explains why education is important. The school PM will then write a letter to the local MP, Preet Gill, calling her to speak up for the right to education by sending the jigsaw pieces to the Secretary of State for International Development.

Education is powerful and so are our pupils- that is why they are calling for more investment in global education. 

Head Boy and Girl

Dylan Kabatebate and Ella Flynn

My name is Ella Flynn and I’m 10 years old. I am currently in Year 6 and have been a pupil at The Orchards since Nursery and I have loved every second! In my spare time I am a cheer-leader and I compete at a National level. I also enjoy spending time with my friends and family, as well as cuddling up to my rabbit! I am very grateful that Mrs Carrier has given me this opportunity to become Head Girl and I hope to do the school proud!

Hello, I’m Dylan and I am the new Head Boy for The Orchards.  I am very proud to have this role as I have been attending this school since I was in Year 2.
One of the things I love most about our school is the amount of after school clubs we offer.  We have football, homework club, gymnastics, cooking, recorder and loads more!
This school has given me a fantastic education, so much so that I am moving on to Grammar school at the end of the year; I am very proud of this and so are my teachers!

Deputy Head Boy and Girl

Savish Anthurupana and Jessica Clark

Alise Rupelka

Jason Baker

Dylan Kabatebate

Talhah Ahmed

Anna-Maria Konstantinou

Lewie Morrison

Zara Martin

Brooke Woods

Indya Breecher

Jonny Fitzgerald

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